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"When I set out to create What I (Don't) Know About Autism I was at the beginning of a steep learning curve - about inclusive practice and about myself and my own neurodivergence. I opened my eyes to what potential barriers to inclusion might be, and once I did so, it was impossible to close them again. I think what helped us most was working with a constant questioning of traditional practices and an openness to changing the status quo. Everything from rehearsal space, to teching the show, to artists' contracts, to communication, to audience experience was examined and reimagined in order to be inclusive.

What I strongly feel is that it is not enough to say, 'We are inclusive of everyone.' Inclusive practice and performance needs to be bespoke. You need to consult with your team and find out what their individual needs are. You need to communicate with the neurodiversity community and disabled audiences and find out what their accessibility requirements are. You need to be constantly looking around the spaces you make work in and asking yourself these questions: 'Who is not here today?' 'Why are they not here?' 'How can we invite them in?"

Jody O'Neill

Every Brain is part of a community of projects, designed & delivered by neurodivergent people, to improve understanding and awareness of neurodiversity. 

We're mates with a few of them, and we've listed them here. If you're doing great work, and you're not yet on this list - drop us an email and we'll sort that out! 

Create Access: workshops, training, auditing and casting assistance for organisations working with disabled and neurodivergent performance artists 

Freelance Taskforce: Making the case to better support neurodivergent freelancers - an open letter to arts organisations by Vijay Patel and Rachael Young

Starling: Manchester based charity using arts & creativity to support neurodivergent young people, with regular in-person activity sessions 

#AttentionUK: UK-based ADHD awareness campaign

Jody O'Neill: autistic writer and actor and creator of What I (Don't) Know About Autism, a play which promotes autism acceptance and celebrates autistic identity.