Commissioned Artist: Sophie Broadgate

Artist bio: Sophie Broadgate is a Manchester based filmmaker whose work spans across narrative, documentary and art film. She is particularly interested in making work through both queer and sci-fi lenses.

She is currently developing a slate of short narrative films as Writer / Director with the aim to move into feature films.


Title of work: We've created invisible systems and structures 

(Click here to watch short film)

(Click here to watch video interview (with BSL) with Sophie.)

About the work: We've created invisble systems and structures includes the thoughts, words and visual ideas of over 30 Autistic and neurodivergent women, non-binary and trans people. In conversation with the filmmaker Sophie Broadgate, the people involved discuss the world around us, their loves, senses, big questions, research and all our theories.


Filmmaker: Sophie Broadgate 

Assistants: Rachel Jane Craig and Ian Broadgate