Commissioned Artist: TomYumSim
Look at us! Now! 
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See differently, change the angle, challenge your perspective. Look at us! NOW! offers creative responses to the Every Brain guide and our personal neuro-journeys. Watch a series of video experiments that take you through the looking glass to ride our brain waves. Look, Call, Text, Watch - just do it NOW!

Explore our Neuro-offerings: Call or Text 0161 850 6739 and choose an aural neuro-experience over the phone or receive an SMS mini-novella. 

Artist bio: TomYumSim (TYS) is an outrageous experimental performance duo with a focus on creating queer and absurd interactive theatre experiences. Founded by Tom Halls & Simone French, their artistic practice focuses on performatively transforming physical and digital spaces interweaving AV, soundscapes and technology, putting the audience at the centre of their work.


Created and Performed by: Tom Halls & Simone French

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